Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh Happy Day......

It all begins with......
Does it look like it's situated somewhere outskirt? It's the bus stop I have waited for 20 mins of bus, knowing that it might not be coming for the next 20 mins as the schedule stated so. Shivering in the cold, at the temperature of 9'C, I regretted that I have not put on more layers or at least a proper jacket. Sigh......

I'm on the way to a hospital, as my friend was admitted there for a week. Since I'm free today, I gonna pass him the books that should have been passed last Sunday. (We were blocked by the guard that day as we slightly over the visiting hours, anyway, it's an infectious hospital, so it's strictly restricted)

2 Mastruts (mini bus) went by, I didn't board because my purse said so...

"NO! Suet Yin, you don't have enough money!"

This is a very pathetic scene of a student at the end of the month. I prayed, I prayed at least the bus will come (As a student, we have monthly bus pass which can be used without limits).

Another 10 mins passed, it's 1615 and I need to be hurry, someone is waiting for me at another end of Moscow, and I have promised to be there by 1700. (I have a date today... but my phone left 0.12 rub, I couldn't contact him to let him know that I'm stucked)

How dare I!
I have no choice, I got to go, I got to board a bus or a minibus perhaps. That's the amount of money I have - 16 rubles + 1 USD. "God, what should I do?"

Here comes the 3rd mini bus. Without hesitating, I actually got on board. Now, I am going to tell the driver I have not enough rubles, will USD be accepted? (1 USD = 33 rubles) "God bless me," I prayed.

"Erm... Sorry, I don't have enough rubles, can I pay you 1 USD?"

Guess what's the answer???

*He flung his hand* (meaning... it's ok?)

"Erm... do - you - ...." Before I finished, he flung his hand again. Soon, he pointed to the building in front, telling me that it's the hospital I wanted to go.

"Thanks..." I left.

How do you describe the feeling of receiving the greatest help when you are urgently in need? ~Thank God!~

*** ***

Where am I go after passing the stuff to my friend (Peter) in the hospital? Shopping?? (Erm.. I don't really enjoy it, but it's all because of MASSAD'09, I need shoes for it...)

"Ж" - here I come!! The shoes selling there range from 399 rub to 5000 rub. Of course I can only afford the cheaper ones. Besides from buying for the dinner night, I guess I got to buy a pair of sport shoes for my daily use cause the one I am having now is in very bad condition.

What a good harvest! I love both of them =D

How much are they? Hehe... I like to buy things that are nice, cheap and worth buying!

*** ***

After that... Dinner time!

This is the second time I am here in this cafe. Why I choose there for dinner? It means the beginning of my relationship with the guy called - Wei Soon.

It's him! =D We were waiting for the food to come. Honestly, we are deadly hungry. We are always busy with our school work, as he is in his 3rd year now (which is the busiest year of study) and he is studying in Russian Medium (they have more work than us that are in English Medium). Since Moscow is a very expensive city, we seldom eat out except sometimes we will bang into Mc Donald after church, may be once or twice in a month.

Here comes the food... Yummy! Let's begin!

19:40 - Empty table.
19:45 - I saw the waitress holding the tray of food which belongs to us, but a second later, she turned to the opposite side. Oh NO! Not there, here please...... ~our hearts spoke. She brought our food and make a nice round the whole cafe, then, reach our table. Yummy!
19:48 - let's begin with.... salad - chicken+mushrooms+cheese+egg+mayo... one of the salad I like most =D
19:50 - DONE! Then, Lamb soup...
19:55 - DONE! Our main course - tobacco chicken?? Not so sure what is the name, but it seems to me it's half of a nicely marinated grilled chicken with fries and cabbage... (Oh, maybe the waitress purposely went one round so the tobacco smoke can seep into the chicken) =P

This time, we took a longer time to finish it, it's a huge plate=)


Bye Mirazh... See you next semester perhaps? =)

Time to go home...... =D ~Cold~

~Student's Dinner Box~

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