Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pre- woman's day

Yesterday, right before I went to bed, I could hear guitar playing and people echoing and singing next door.Those were not the songs that they sung usually, they were different. Those were the songs that they were preparing to sing in front of the girls, for Woman's Day.

Again this morning, I got up from bed hearing the songs sounding again next door, as if they didn't stop practicing throughout the night. Well, they were preparing their best to perform and to show their appreciations to the ladies.

8th of March is a big day for Russians. We have public holiday for this very day, a special day to show appreciations to the ladies.

Damba and Wei Soon, too, recorded a few songs for their beloved female classmates. They spent 2 hours just to make it nice, though the videos are still in separated pieces.

Woman's Day - A day to show your appreciation(s) to the lady (ladies) around you, telling her (them), that she (they) are pretty/very helpful/ just wonderful and so on.

Happy Woman's Day! To all beloved female friends and family members!

~~With Love~~

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You

Browsing through the internet, I found this movie and decided to watch it.

"Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You"

It's a true story about a bunch of homeless people leaving their past behind, standing up again to continue their lives. I was touched. I was touched by the social worker that had never given up on them, I was touched by how God worked in their lives.

Most of them have given up on themselves and did not want to change at the beginning, but they are all soccer team players at the end. No matter what we have been through, we have to remember that we still have a long way to go. Never give up!

Nice movie!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Right Here!

Tomorrow will be the last day for Therapy cycle. I have been lazy throughout the cycle, I have been tired always. I have been hoping for better with the things I'm working on.

I don't like the teacher being unfair, I don't like him criticizing women all the time, I don't like the way he treated us, as ladies, being sarcastic. However, he taught us something we have never heard of, something we have always forgotten, something that we might not be paying attention at. Mix feeling......

Remembering pastor speaking about Elijah last Sunday, reminds me of God sending angel to Elijah when he was so wore-off, when he was distressed, when he couldn't move forward anymore. Reminds me of God being with me, reminds me of His care to us.

~~ Loving You!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

ECG short notes

After the morning conference, our group (gp. 51) were assigned to, who we think is, the head of the department.

He started to test us on ECG interpretation, which I have forgotten most the ways to interpret it. We all agreed that he looks down on women! We, as ladies, in the class were "classified" as... dumb?? (I don't know which term can suit better)

Some of the stuffs that he discussed with us were new to us, whereas some were just things that we couldn't remember!

1. Sinus rhythm - with consistent P-P interval / correct/incorrect form - with/without consistent R-R interval

2. Electrical axis - towards the direction of the lead (standard/augmented) with tallest QRS complex / away from the direction of the lead with the most negative / perpendicular with the direction of the lead with equiphasic QRS complex.

3. Differences between coronary-T and hypertrophic-T: coronary-T = "равнобедренный"+ >0,1 s + >0,5cm/mV

4. Extrasystole - right/left = controversial to the electrical axis, topic/formic (mono-/poly-), alorhytmia (bigemini, trigemini), group(2-3)/>3=tachycardia(inconsistent<30s;consisent>30s)

~~Medical Student~~