Thursday, December 3, 2009

The question : WHY?

Just got my internet connected back yesterday! It has been months ago since I updated my blog. I wonder if anyone is going to continue to read an outdated blog... ...

After returning to Moscow, continuing my student-life, I realized that I do not have much days left. I do not have much days left before my graduation, before ending my student-life and stepping into the world, starting to bear more responsibilities. (like, paying taxes?!?)

Isn't it too earlier to think about it now? I wonder... ...

How long more to go? I counted... ... less than 2 years... ... Have you realized you might have to get prepared for something ahead too?

What do you think the responsible you need to bear for being called "DR.?" - it's A LOT! Doing medicine isn't easy, moreover, life is not EXPENSIVE but priceless!

Reading through the diseases being taught earlier, realizing I don't remember most of them... ... Have I learned it well? NO!

All the symptoms make a disease, every symptom has a reason; What's your reason falling sick?

~~Random thoughts... ...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hard feelings before departure.......

It has been long ago since I logged in here to write. 2 months of holidays passed and it's time to get back into the books! I have not miss Malaysia that much before. I just don't feel like leaving the country, though it doesn't seems to be in a stable condition now, with everyday bad news highlighted.

When a person is getting older, he/she tends to be more attached to the family. Is it true? I recalled the day I was departing to Russia to do my pre-medical, I was full of hopes and excitement. I just wanted to fly across the oceans and contigents to survive with bread and cheeses. And now......

I miss my mom, though she is getting more and more naggy as time passed, my dad, getting warmer as he's getting older, and my stupid fat brother, that always steals my food from my plate. I miss both my grandparents, they had become much thinner than before. I miss my aunties and uncles and my newly born niece.

4 years ago, I would have said, separation is a part of life, as there's a chinese saying, "Every gathering will end with separation."; and now, I am unwilling to leave.

Well, the only dependant now is on God, and the prayer is, "God, make it possible for me to see everyone again 2 years later when I graduate." My grandparents might be very old, but I really want to see them again!

Missing you all......

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Where??!?? - Park Opposite our hostel
When??!?? - Last Saturday (16-05-09)
Weather??!?- Quite cold.. But CATS bbq gave us warmth!
Who??!?? - Friends!!

** Leatrice - I think you are really brave! If I'm the one who got it, I would reconsider whether I'm going to swallow all that... =P

** Good Job people! I love the BBQ, it was my first BBQ in my life!

~Student's Dinner Box~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Malaysia?!!? My country......

Honestly, I am proud of myself for being a Malaysian-Chinese.

Not because of the government, nor the beauty of the seasides, but because Malaysian-Chinese loves eating everything!!!! I mean EVERYTHING!

Healthy recipe
When you serve an African with Chinese food, such as Chinese herbal soup.

They might not like it at all.

There was once I invited my African friends home and served them with Chinese food, I was quite sad seeing them taking it quite forcefully... =(

However, there is an exception, who named Bankole, He loves eating Malaysian and Chinese food! (Bankole is one of my dearest brothers that helps me along my spiritual growth. We worked together around the clock, we went picnic together, we ate and had fun together! )

Sweet tooth...
What about something sweet?!? Will they like it?

I am not so sure, but there was once I cooked a desert, which most of us, Malaysian-Chinese, loved, was rejected by my Indian friends!

Curry is the best!

When we enjoyed eating curry (which I think most Malaysians do!) Chinese from china find it weird!

We love varieties!
Not only that, we simply love eating western food, such as Italian food and Spanish food; Asian food, such as Japanese sushi and Korean kimchi; Indian food and Parkistan food, those with all kinds of spices; and even african food! (I love eating maze dough - mangka; fermented ones, such as kenkey; and so on.)

I have had dinners with our friends from china; though we speak the same language, have the same mother tongue, but I think our own tongues (I mean taste buds :P) are so much different!

Generally, most of them find Malay food and Indian food, too spicy to be consumed.

Moreover, you will find plenty of "Malay+Chinese" cuisine back in Malaysia, such as Nyonya kuih. (I wonder do they have POPIAH in other countries??!?)

I think there are much much more food we enjoy eating! That's what makes me proud being a Malaysian-Chinese! Mixture of culture brings much satisfaction to the stomach! =D

~Student's Dinner Box~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Didn't think of anything to write for 2 days. Ya.. I wanted to post about his birthday celebration but I just don't know why I don't have much idea to write until now, 18:49, 15 May 2009 (Friday). (~Yesterday was Wei Soon's birthday~ I have been teased since the day before... Hahahaha..)


Alright! There was a question - "What are you going to do for him?"

MCQ somemore.... Hahahaha (A. Cooking for him a nice dinner? B. Bringing him out for food? C. Buying him something?)

Well. I guess my answer was quite disappointing for some of my friends. (I felt it through their expressions) - I made him peanut butter and going to make Giant Dai Pao!

*** ***

"I heard you made him a Dai Pao wo... Where is mine?" - I was teased again the day after. Well! What means by Dai Pao? Let's observed together......

Wondering how big is it? It's as HUGE as a cake. (I think is somewhere around 28 inches) Unbelievable? Let me proof it true!

Well... Why is it seems like having green lining on top of it? Hehehehhe...... It supposed to be like --------->

Ooopppppsssss......FAILED...... =P

Honestly, I didn't buy him presents but I made him this ------->

Quite pathetic right? No nice dinner, no nice present... No expensive stuff......

Will he like them? Hahahhhahh =P

*P/S: Don't know why I used so much time to complete this post... Sigh...... Anyway... Hope that he had a happy birthday celebration =)

Recipe for making Paos??? Tell you when I successfully make a really good one *** =D
~Student's Dinner Box~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice Jokessss...

1st scene:
"Hey! The bus is there, do you want to run after it?" Shu Shien asked.

(Introducing: Shu Shien is my groupmate and she is the fastest among all of us, she reachs class the first and reachs home the first too. Her personal displayed message on her MSN messanger used to be - every minutes count!)

"What's the bus NO.?" I asked. "Erm... No. 42."

"Will it head to our place?"...... She smiled (Both of us knew the answer was NO!)

"Will you probably leave your kids somewhere in future?" I asked and we laughed.

*** ***

2nd scene:
It started to rain heavily when we were on our way back traveling in the bus to the nearest metro... Both of us have no umbrella and we have predicted our "outcome"......

So, when the bus stopped at the bus stop, we were on our mark, get set...... GO!!!

Where is she??!?! She turned the other way and I wasn't sure where is she heading to......

"Hey! This way!" I turned and screamed. Luckily she heard me.... Wahahahhhaahha....

Every minutes count! =P (I guess the best present for her birthday must be something that can help her to speed up every steps she take =P wahahhahaha...)

*** ***
3rd scene:
It's very hard to explain this, and if you aren't staying in moscow, you might not understand it. The story went like this - after traveling via metro, we have to take another turn of bus before we got home. And she wanted to reload her phone credit with the machine near the bus stop.

I wasn't sure why, but she seems she was in a hurry and tucked the money into the machine before even entering her own phone No.

Another joke for the day. =D

**As a conclusion, this is not a blog written to laugh at her, but a blog written about one of my lovely group mate. I have told her I am going to post this for sure and she is going to clarify it through comments =) - Beng, your post, I have postponed due to our Big Sis - Shu Shien! =D You are so lucky!

our big sis is 2nd from the left =)

~Student's Dinner Box~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Who are they??!? They are my parents. =) Do they look alike? 90%I guess..... Beautiful couple in NEW YORK! Why? It's my brother graduation, so, they went on a trip to this developed city. They seldom travel overseas, except from honey moon and one more time to Hong Kong, this was the 3rd time they flew, they flew half around the globe to attend my brother's graduation. =)

Why am I putting up the photo? Erm... Would like to introduce here my mom, and wish all mothers - Happy Mother's Day!

I am excited, excited to go home, excited to see them in July. Honestly, I have never been excited going home as I have phobia taking plane. However, I really miss them, miss their nagging voice, miss their love. =)

I was brought up in this family. Easily? I guess so... You got to ask my mom. My parents always say my brother and I was very quiet when we were young until...... I was 9 years old I guess, we started to fight. Fight for places, fight for toys, fight for a lot more things and he is 3 years older than me. Bad right? =P

My mom is a housewife. Though she doesn't cook well, often make the food too salty, she does house work pretty good, especially ironing and folding the clothes. O ya, she wrapped my school books well too, my classmates often jealous of me. =)

What's her hobby? This is the simplest question if you ask any of our family members. It's watching TV shows. Not all, only Chinese speaking ones either Mandarin, or Cantonese, or Hokkien. Don't ever ask her out for any English movies, she never like them.

Got touched
I was touched when I saw the mothers in labor or preparing for labor suffered so much in pain during my obstetrics cycle. I wonder those out there who saw it would have felt the same? I remember my dad always said I was delivered a month earlier than I should have be. Well, it's a nice story though =)

Well... Don't be mistaken, I wasn't delivered in the supermarket.... I was just giving my mom and dad the signs =P ~Healthy baby yea! =) (o ya.. the kid in the supermarket was my brother...)

It was 21 years ago......

Do they look alike??!? -One family- =)

Where am I??!?? Studying in Russia.. Sigh....

~Happy Family~

~Student's Dinner Box~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Save the world......

What is the quantity consumed by a 7-year-old boy, weighted 20kg, would bring him to death?

What is the cause of his death if it's not overdosed medication?

Where are the documents about his admission to the hospital?

Why have the doctor that requested him to be admitted proclaimed that he was poisoned by overdosed paracetamol?
... ... ... ...

I was angry when I first read the news about his death. I was even angrier when I read the news about the denial of the cause of his death was due to overdosed medication. I wasn't there and I don't have the proof, I really hope the government and the authorities will really look into the case.
* Related news: 30_04_09 ; 08_05_09

Will I be the one?
As a medical student, I am worry that I might not have learned enough for my future profession. I am worry that I will disappoint the patients that have entrusted us for their lives. Will I be the one that repeat the mistake again? I pray that it will not ever happen! Let's get serious with our studies!

Life matters
Every patients that came to us, our responsibility is to make them better, let them be relieved from the torturing of their sickness. My dad used to say, "Nowadays, doctors are just like businessman, they mind money more than healing." I hope this is not the truth, and this will never be the truth! We were given lives, we have to appreciate lives, yours, mine, and theirs!
...... "Be patient, don't be angry! It's alright, the case will be settled in a right way..." I tried to calm myself...

*** ***

Dinner time again???!!?!? (Sometimes I wonder, do I love cooking more? or being a doctor more? Hahahahhahaha... =P Let's see!

Thanks to "Perekrestok" (one of the nearest supermarket in our area) for giving great offer for salmon fillet sales! A good chance to eat SUSHI!!

Ingrediesnts for the rice:
Short rice
Sugar syrup

Everything measured up to your rice cooker and up to your own taste! =) Good luck!

~Student's Kitchen~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiring Day with nice successful dinner =) Cheers!

It's a tiring day.... =(

We have just started our neuro cycle today. As it should have been, today supposedly started with 3 lectures, however the schedule is a bit different this time. So, that means ---> we have traveled to a wrong hospital. Quite disappointing... ...

In the morning
Alright! It's almost 10 am now, and we got to travel for another an hour to another hospital for class. *Sigh...*

We thought that we would be late. Moreover, we just have 4 people out of 10 altogether. So all of us were hoping for an answer "Go home now and come again tomorrow for class," from our teacher. Lazy right? Hahaha......

Surprisingly, we were so wrong. Our teacher was not in yet., Thus, another doctor lead us to a room to wait for her. Well, waiting again? We were quite used to it.

*** ***

An hour passed... I am getting more and more impatient. We were asked to read a topic, but the "traveling" and the "waiting" part really made me too tired to fix my eyes on the book. So??? ---> Go look for the teacher again!

Our teacher was not in yet! What a big joke I thought! Is she going to come anyway? *Sigh...* *Disappointing...* (The doctors there are so busy, they have long queue of patients since early in the morning and the queue has never been lesser than 10 people, so we didn't know which doctor we could attend to ask for our teacher. So??? As usual ---> WAIT!)

\ /

After waiting for hours, we got her at last. She taught non-stop for an hour or two.

Honestly speaking, I was so frustrated waiting for our teacher without knowing when would she come. Though I thought I was wrong to have gone for the class at the beginning, I have no regret at the end. I admitted we wasted quite a lot of time there and we can work on the schedule better to make the learning more effective, but I have gained quite a lot today too. She is a good teacher indeed if she will be punctual. =D

*I guess my group mates are pointing at me and say I always praise all the teachers=P ~Perhaps I'm too too too optimistic??*

*** ***

Class ends... So what's for dinner than??

Homemade instant "Lavash" Pizza

"Lavash" or Tortilla
Cheese, sliced and chopped
Sardine with tomato sauce
onions, chopped
Tomato sauce

Cook the chopped onions with the sardine. Set aside

Put the sliced cheese on the lavash and fold it to 13x20cm (or any size suitable for your oven). Heat it to melt the cheese with a microwave, 2-3 mins (sprikle some water to prevent hardened if using oven toaster for this step)

Spread tomato sauce on the heated lavash and followed by the cooked sardine. Sprinkle chopped cheese on it and toast it with the oven till the cheese melted. Done! Ready to be served =)

Replace any ingredient with your own choice will do! =)

Happy dinning!

~Student's Kitchen~

Monday, May 4, 2009


Dried Shrimp Sambal (Chilli) Paste

5 pieces of dried chilli
1 medium onion
2-3 cm of ginger
5 cloves of garlic
1 tbs of white vinegar
1 tbs of sugar
1 tsp salt
1/3 - 1/2 cup of dried shrimp (soaked 30 mins)
1 tbs of tomato paste
2 tbs of chilli powder (to taste)

Mix all the ingredient above and blend them with 1 cup of water

Heat oil on pan and fry the well-blender paste till fragrance and half dried

Serve with rice, bread or crackers. May serve as appetizer.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dinner Night...

Yea... Today is MASSAD '09 (the reason I bought my shoes 2 days ago...) So... How do I start preparing? Erm.. I didn't plan to do anything, I got my shoes and dress, that's all. By the way, I was questioned a few times... "Who is going to help you with your make up?" Guess what's my answer??

"Erm... I'm not sure... Can I go without it?" - Yes, you are right, I'm a plain plain girl, who doesn't like to put make up at all, I have never tried it myself, even with help, I guess I have put not more than 10 times (it includes the make up I put for all the performances I participate since kindergarden)

So how now?? Sigh...

I have nothing, no skills, no idea, and most important I have no tools also. What a joke?!?? Haha... Eventually I am so blessed to at least get a person to help me with it. Hahaha.. Thanks Nitia. =) I hope it suits me?!?!!

13:25, it's time for me to put on my dress! (The bus will be downstairs by 14:00) How will I look in my dress + the make up??

Like her? Look Good??
- or -

Like this? Erm..... (What I think? Don't ever trust me, I couldn't define myself =P)

Here comes the shoes...I wonder how long could I stand wearing the shoes =(


~Think so~

Look closely, this doesn't mean that the door was opening... it's the moment it got stuck and we were trapped in the lift......(It's actually a common incident for our hostel, cause the lift is more than 30 years old, and it's time for it to break down...) Well, it took around 5-8 mins for the technician to "rescue" us. ~Sad case~

*** ***
Where is the event?

Yea... It's Radisson Hotel. Hotel Radisson SAS Slavic is a 4 stars hotel n which foreign tourists and businessmen, and also the representatives of political elite stay - even our former Prime Minister (Dato' Abdullah Badawi) has been there before. ~Grand ya =)~

We were waiting outside the hall... Everyone is taking photos with our fellow uni mates. Though MASSAD actually stands for Malaysian Student's Annual DINNER, our MASSAD '09 kick start with some VIP's speeches, as usual, followed by a list of stage performances - dance, band, magic show and so on.

The coolest of all was the magic show, though we didn't have David Copperfield with us in Moscow, the magician invited was brilliant too. Good job organisers!

Didn't manage to take good photos from my seats, so... I just sit and relax with the performances.

As the clock ticked by, the performances were soon ended and we got into the best moment ~ the dinner. =)

Dinner time!

Wow... Malaysian Style^^ Yummy...
Though the food seems not enough, as usual, but we got many extra portions of Briyani rice. (Moscow is still an expensive city, so, paying 350 rubles for the event + dinner is considered cheap, Amazing one! so... no complain =D ) Thumbs up guys!

After filling our stomach full, we could see people started walking around taking pictures. I guess, that's the main purpose we were there - dress and admire, then keep for memory... =)

My groupmates (grp 41- only half of the group...) Guys, you looked awesome!

"Big fishes" swimming around...

I like his pants with the strings... Wahahahahaha... Handsome bro!

Roomies... (408 B) =) Proudly introduce to you, my roomates - Xiang Jie (in red) and alice (in black)..... and I'm in red+black?? @.@ more to dark pink+black =D

O ya.. We are sitting at table no. 24 - Cantonese: Yee shap sei ~ yee sei yee sei ~ easily died... Wahahahaha.. well it's just a joke! =D

Ika (our singer in one of the band) sang this song, she has a beautiful voice too... I love your voice, Ika! =)

Thanks, 2nd years students for bringing us this wonderful programme =D Great Job!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello SOYA......

1st May, It's labor day! Well... It's the same in Russia, we have holiday! Hurray!!!

What to do then? Books again?? No way, I will start reading again on Sunday ok?

Hehe.. I have plan earlier... It's soy beans! I have soaked it since 3pm the days before... it's almost 18 hours already... soft enough for ~ soy milk

Soy Beans

Fill half of the blender with so beans and another half with water. Let's blend (3-4 mins) until it's smooth.

Filter it with a muslin's cloth. Repeat the first 2 steps with the rest of the beans. Then, repeat the first 2 steps again with the filtered beans.

Heat the filtered soy milk with microwave till near boiling point. (To prevent it from burning by boiling straight with the stove)

Then, pour everything into a big pot and boil it with low fire. Stir it from time to time to prevent it from burning. Scoop away the froth and let it boil. Soy Milk is ready.. Yummy!

It sounds easy right? The toughest part is to squeeze the milk through the filter. Energy needed! =D

*** ***

What's for dinner then?

Homemade tofu with micro treasure =) HEhe.. Actually I learn this from one of my favorite sites
- Hochiak! - Homemade tofu with mini treasure

Homemade tofu? Yes!
Tofu's Ingredients:
400ml soy milk (unsweetened)
7 eggs white
150 plain milk
1 tsp salt

The Treasure's ingredients:
Crab meat
Black mushrooms
Black fungus
Dried shrimps
Bean sprout

Mix well the ingredient together and steam for 15 mins. (I was taught from the site to make it using evaporated milk, however I didn't have it. So I add another egg white to make it thicker.)

Spread the chopped crab meat on top (the top has started to harden by now) Then, Steam for another 15 mins.

Meanwhile, fry other ingredients together for the topping. Add in suitable seasonings to taste.

What a nice and simple dish! (You can buy unsweetened soy milk to make everything easier=D)

Yummy! =) Happy dinning...

~Student's Kitchen~