Thursday, December 3, 2009

The question : WHY?

Just got my internet connected back yesterday! It has been months ago since I updated my blog. I wonder if anyone is going to continue to read an outdated blog... ...

After returning to Moscow, continuing my student-life, I realized that I do not have much days left. I do not have much days left before my graduation, before ending my student-life and stepping into the world, starting to bear more responsibilities. (like, paying taxes?!?)

Isn't it too earlier to think about it now? I wonder... ...

How long more to go? I counted... ... less than 2 years... ... Have you realized you might have to get prepared for something ahead too?

What do you think the responsible you need to bear for being called "DR.?" - it's A LOT! Doing medicine isn't easy, moreover, life is not EXPENSIVE but priceless!

Reading through the diseases being taught earlier, realizing I don't remember most of them... ... Have I learned it well? NO!

All the symptoms make a disease, every symptom has a reason; What's your reason falling sick?

~~Random thoughts... ...

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