Thursday, February 25, 2010

ECG short notes

After the morning conference, our group (gp. 51) were assigned to, who we think is, the head of the department.

He started to test us on ECG interpretation, which I have forgotten most the ways to interpret it. We all agreed that he looks down on women! We, as ladies, in the class were "classified" as... dumb?? (I don't know which term can suit better)

Some of the stuffs that he discussed with us were new to us, whereas some were just things that we couldn't remember!

1. Sinus rhythm - with consistent P-P interval / correct/incorrect form - with/without consistent R-R interval

2. Electrical axis - towards the direction of the lead (standard/augmented) with tallest QRS complex / away from the direction of the lead with the most negative / perpendicular with the direction of the lead with equiphasic QRS complex.

3. Differences between coronary-T and hypertrophic-T: coronary-T = "равнобедренный"+ >0,1 s + >0,5cm/mV

4. Extrasystole - right/left = controversial to the electrical axis, topic/formic (mono-/poly-), alorhytmia (bigemini, trigemini), group(2-3)/>3=tachycardia(inconsistent<30s;consisent>30s)

~~Medical Student~~

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