Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things on sale

After weeks of seeing others selling off their stuff, it's time for me to start digging out my stuff, do some stock checking and here you go, things on SALE!!!
I always wonder, how much should I sell my stuff, how should I sell them? iVolgina store does work actually *Big Applause*, but the notifications do annoy me sometimes (I know I can turn them off, but I need them sometimes!) I hope others aren't turning theirs off, because I have THINGS ON SALE too. =)
IKEA GORM CLIP-ON BASKET - 150 rub/basket (CASH & CARRY) - I have 2 pieces
Hangs on a shelf; easy to move as required. Several baskets can be hung vertically to provide added storage space.
Width: 29 cm
Depth: 27 cm
Height: 15 cm

*Comment - very useful, I hang on the wall-shelf to create extra spaces for storage, esp for small things*
IKEA VAGGIS NOTICEBOARD (with thumb tags) - 150 rub (CASH & CARRY)
Can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit into the space available.
Width: 58 cm
Height: 39 cm

IKEA FABIAN WALLSHELF - 200 rub (long screws included) - (avalaible in 1 week time)
Width: 70 cm
Depth: 24 cm
Height: 17 cm
Max load/shelf: 10 kg

IKEA MIL Table Lamp - 200 rub (hold on till end of June)
Colour - Black
Halogen Bulb Included (+ 1 extra for free) *Long lasting -I used for more than 3 years for 1 bulb, so these 2 bulbs should be enough for you too.*
Height: 16 "
Base diameter: 6 "
Shade diameter: 4 "
Cord length: 6 ' 3 "

IKEA MARD CONTAINER - 150 rub for 1 (x2 available: 1 blue; 1 white - buy both free a cover and 4 rollers) - (hold on till end of june - available for booking)
Length: 37 см
Width: 37 см
Height: 26 см
*comments - very useful, love it a lot, can be stacked together, when you stack both together it's as tall as your bedside cupboard provided by the hostel, which most of us didn't get one!*

IKEA CONTAINER COVER - fit for the previous container

Except for the lamp and the noticeboard which I used for my long six years, all other stuff didn't accompany me more than 2 years. They are my new babies, as I don't like to spend on extra stuff when I was younger. *Jimat Cermat =)*

- bathroom set, include-
> round mirror (can adjust agle)
> hanging cup for toothbrush and toothpaste
> toilet paper hanger
> hanging tray for soap

- ATLANTA 1.7L water boiler (150 rub)/(200rub + water filter) - available for booking (hold on till middle of july)

- General Surgery Textbook (English version) - 400 rub ->SOLD

- IKEA Standing Clothes rack - suitable for hanging clothes after laundary - width 99cm x depth 40cm x height 150cm - 300 rub

IKEA GLIMMA Tealights - 70 pieces - 100 rubles
Diameter: 38 mm
Burning time: 4 hr

Please comment if you are interested. =) PM in facebook / email @

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Author's name - IMPORTANT?

Pernicious Anemia - Addison's anemia/ Biermer anemia/ Addison- Biermer Anemia (болезнь аддисона-бирмера)

Chronic Adrenal Insufficiency - Addison's Disease (Болезнь Аддисона/ Бронзовая Болезнь)

Does the author's name of the diseases play an important part? Sometime, it does. I wonder how others memorize all the author's name of the different diseases and diagnostic methods.

Sometimes, it can be so confusing and sometimes, I just got frustrated when the lecturer demands author's names to be given. Sometimes, some diseases were named after 3 authors. *Sigh*

I hope there is a manual for me to refer! =(

~~S.Y. Soo