Sunday, April 3, 2011

Author's name - IMPORTANT?

Pernicious Anemia - Addison's anemia/ Biermer anemia/ Addison- Biermer Anemia (болезнь аддисона-бирмера)

Chronic Adrenal Insufficiency - Addison's Disease (Болезнь Аддисона/ Бронзовая Болезнь)

Does the author's name of the diseases play an important part? Sometime, it does. I wonder how others memorize all the author's name of the different diseases and diagnostic methods.

Sometimes, it can be so confusing and sometimes, I just got frustrated when the lecturer demands author's names to be given. Sometimes, some diseases were named after 3 authors. *Sigh*

I hope there is a manual for me to refer! =(

~~S.Y. Soo

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