Monday, March 7, 2011

Where our journey begins together...

Browsing through the old photos, I stumbled into this particular one. I remember doing this when we went to Victory Park Moscow with Dr. Yip (a.k.a Yip dai lou), Dr. Zahrin, Mei Siu and Suresh.

Guess whose hand is this? Yes, it's Wei Soon's. There are many more where we tried different angle and different poses. We, indeed, had a great day together.

And now, we are all in different stage of our lives, different part of the world, different responsibilities to the society. Both doctors have entered their MO (medical officer)'s journey and Mei Siu, Suresh and I are soon to end our "final chapter" of our journey in Moscow.

Will there be another chance to hang out together? Will we ever stumble into one another again? I don't know. I miss a lot of my friends, especially those I once had a lot of fun together with, but now we hardly speak or write to one another, or even had lost contact with.

"Friends, we are friends forever, I appreciate having you being part of my life!"
To friends of others, you might not know how you have influenced someone, or how you have raised somebody from depression; they might not have expressed their appreciation or showed their cares; anyhow, YOU JUST PLAYED YOUR PART WELL!! You are a good friend!!


~~S.Y. Soo

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