Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dinner Night...

Yea... Today is MASSAD '09 (the reason I bought my shoes 2 days ago...) So... How do I start preparing? Erm.. I didn't plan to do anything, I got my shoes and dress, that's all. By the way, I was questioned a few times... "Who is going to help you with your make up?" Guess what's my answer??

"Erm... I'm not sure... Can I go without it?" - Yes, you are right, I'm a plain plain girl, who doesn't like to put make up at all, I have never tried it myself, even with help, I guess I have put not more than 10 times (it includes the make up I put for all the performances I participate since kindergarden)

So how now?? Sigh...

I have nothing, no skills, no idea, and most important I have no tools also. What a joke?!?? Haha... Eventually I am so blessed to at least get a person to help me with it. Hahaha.. Thanks Nitia. =) I hope it suits me?!?!!

13:25, it's time for me to put on my dress! (The bus will be downstairs by 14:00) How will I look in my dress + the make up??

Like her? Look Good??
- or -

Like this? Erm..... (What I think? Don't ever trust me, I couldn't define myself =P)

Here comes the shoes...I wonder how long could I stand wearing the shoes =(


~Think so~

Look closely, this doesn't mean that the door was opening... it's the moment it got stuck and we were trapped in the lift......(It's actually a common incident for our hostel, cause the lift is more than 30 years old, and it's time for it to break down...) Well, it took around 5-8 mins for the technician to "rescue" us. ~Sad case~

*** ***
Where is the event?

Yea... It's Radisson Hotel. Hotel Radisson SAS Slavic is a 4 stars hotel n which foreign tourists and businessmen, and also the representatives of political elite stay - even our former Prime Minister (Dato' Abdullah Badawi) has been there before. ~Grand ya =)~

We were waiting outside the hall... Everyone is taking photos with our fellow uni mates. Though MASSAD actually stands for Malaysian Student's Annual DINNER, our MASSAD '09 kick start with some VIP's speeches, as usual, followed by a list of stage performances - dance, band, magic show and so on.

The coolest of all was the magic show, though we didn't have David Copperfield with us in Moscow, the magician invited was brilliant too. Good job organisers!

Didn't manage to take good photos from my seats, so... I just sit and relax with the performances.

As the clock ticked by, the performances were soon ended and we got into the best moment ~ the dinner. =)

Dinner time!

Wow... Malaysian Style^^ Yummy...
Though the food seems not enough, as usual, but we got many extra portions of Briyani rice. (Moscow is still an expensive city, so, paying 350 rubles for the event + dinner is considered cheap, Amazing one! so... no complain =D ) Thumbs up guys!

After filling our stomach full, we could see people started walking around taking pictures. I guess, that's the main purpose we were there - dress and admire, then keep for memory... =)

My groupmates (grp 41- only half of the group...) Guys, you looked awesome!

"Big fishes" swimming around...

I like his pants with the strings... Wahahahahaha... Handsome bro!

Roomies... (408 B) =) Proudly introduce to you, my roomates - Xiang Jie (in red) and alice (in black)..... and I'm in red+black?? @.@ more to dark pink+black =D

O ya.. We are sitting at table no. 24 - Cantonese: Yee shap sei ~ yee sei yee sei ~ easily died... Wahahahaha.. well it's just a joke! =D

Ika (our singer in one of the band) sang this song, she has a beautiful voice too... I love your voice, Ika! =)

Thanks, 2nd years students for bringing us this wonderful programme =D Great Job!

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