Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Who are they??!? They are my parents. =) Do they look alike? 90%I guess..... Beautiful couple in NEW YORK! Why? It's my brother graduation, so, they went on a trip to this developed city. They seldom travel overseas, except from honey moon and one more time to Hong Kong, this was the 3rd time they flew, they flew half around the globe to attend my brother's graduation. =)

Why am I putting up the photo? Erm... Would like to introduce here my mom, and wish all mothers - Happy Mother's Day!

I am excited, excited to go home, excited to see them in July. Honestly, I have never been excited going home as I have phobia taking plane. However, I really miss them, miss their nagging voice, miss their love. =)

I was brought up in this family. Easily? I guess so... You got to ask my mom. My parents always say my brother and I was very quiet when we were young until...... I was 9 years old I guess, we started to fight. Fight for places, fight for toys, fight for a lot more things and he is 3 years older than me. Bad right? =P

My mom is a housewife. Though she doesn't cook well, often make the food too salty, she does house work pretty good, especially ironing and folding the clothes. O ya, she wrapped my school books well too, my classmates often jealous of me. =)

What's her hobby? This is the simplest question if you ask any of our family members. It's watching TV shows. Not all, only Chinese speaking ones either Mandarin, or Cantonese, or Hokkien. Don't ever ask her out for any English movies, she never like them.

Got touched
I was touched when I saw the mothers in labor or preparing for labor suffered so much in pain during my obstetrics cycle. I wonder those out there who saw it would have felt the same? I remember my dad always said I was delivered a month earlier than I should have be. Well, it's a nice story though =)

Well... Don't be mistaken, I wasn't delivered in the supermarket.... I was just giving my mom and dad the signs =P ~Healthy baby yea! =) (o ya.. the kid in the supermarket was my brother...)

It was 21 years ago......

Do they look alike??!? -One family- =)

Where am I??!?? Studying in Russia.. Sigh....

~Happy Family~

~Student's Dinner Box~

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