Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice Jokessss...

1st scene:
"Hey! The bus is there, do you want to run after it?" Shu Shien asked.

(Introducing: Shu Shien is my groupmate and she is the fastest among all of us, she reachs class the first and reachs home the first too. Her personal displayed message on her MSN messanger used to be - every minutes count!)

"What's the bus NO.?" I asked. "Erm... No. 42."

"Will it head to our place?"...... She smiled (Both of us knew the answer was NO!)

"Will you probably leave your kids somewhere in future?" I asked and we laughed.

*** ***

2nd scene:
It started to rain heavily when we were on our way back traveling in the bus to the nearest metro... Both of us have no umbrella and we have predicted our "outcome"......

So, when the bus stopped at the bus stop, we were on our mark, get set...... GO!!!

Where is she??!?! She turned the other way and I wasn't sure where is she heading to......

"Hey! This way!" I turned and screamed. Luckily she heard me.... Wahahahhhaahha....

Every minutes count! =P (I guess the best present for her birthday must be something that can help her to speed up every steps she take =P wahahhahaha...)

*** ***
3rd scene:
It's very hard to explain this, and if you aren't staying in moscow, you might not understand it. The story went like this - after traveling via metro, we have to take another turn of bus before we got home. And she wanted to reload her phone credit with the machine near the bus stop.

I wasn't sure why, but she seems she was in a hurry and tucked the money into the machine before even entering her own phone No.

Another joke for the day. =D

**As a conclusion, this is not a blog written to laugh at her, but a blog written about one of my lovely group mate. I have told her I am going to post this for sure and she is going to clarify it through comments =) - Beng, your post, I have postponed due to our Big Sis - Shu Shien! =D You are so lucky!

our big sis is 2nd from the left =)

~Student's Dinner Box~


  1. LOL~ haha....not bad a~ so details -_-'''
    fast fast....
    can't follow ? nv mind, remember to keep my hp number w u all the time,
    so u can call me when i suddenly hilangkan diri.ii.ii.~~~....(not yet finish the last word)


  2. |||=.=
    Honestly... v difficult to catch up with u..=P