Saturday, May 9, 2009

Save the world......

What is the quantity consumed by a 7-year-old boy, weighted 20kg, would bring him to death?

What is the cause of his death if it's not overdosed medication?

Where are the documents about his admission to the hospital?

Why have the doctor that requested him to be admitted proclaimed that he was poisoned by overdosed paracetamol?
... ... ... ...

I was angry when I first read the news about his death. I was even angrier when I read the news about the denial of the cause of his death was due to overdosed medication. I wasn't there and I don't have the proof, I really hope the government and the authorities will really look into the case.
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Will I be the one?
As a medical student, I am worry that I might not have learned enough for my future profession. I am worry that I will disappoint the patients that have entrusted us for their lives. Will I be the one that repeat the mistake again? I pray that it will not ever happen! Let's get serious with our studies!

Life matters
Every patients that came to us, our responsibility is to make them better, let them be relieved from the torturing of their sickness. My dad used to say, "Nowadays, doctors are just like businessman, they mind money more than healing." I hope this is not the truth, and this will never be the truth! We were given lives, we have to appreciate lives, yours, mine, and theirs!
...... "Be patient, don't be angry! It's alright, the case will be settled in a right way..." I tried to calm myself...

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Dinner time again???!!?!? (Sometimes I wonder, do I love cooking more? or being a doctor more? Hahahahhahaha... =P Let's see!

Thanks to "Perekrestok" (one of the nearest supermarket in our area) for giving great offer for salmon fillet sales! A good chance to eat SUSHI!!

Ingrediesnts for the rice:
Short rice
Sugar syrup

Everything measured up to your rice cooker and up to your own taste! =) Good luck!

~Student's Kitchen~


  1. i want SUSHI~!!!!
    r u having such a "housewife" 's life style like Eric ???
    such a high-tech punya housewife who knw on9 check wat wat got offer price.. -_-'''

    ur drawing is so nice a~ haha...
    Dun worry, we all oso facing the same problem~
    chill chill..

  2. Hey... perekrestok have cheap salmon again!!! =P