Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tiring Day with nice successful dinner =) Cheers!

It's a tiring day.... =(

We have just started our neuro cycle today. As it should have been, today supposedly started with 3 lectures, however the schedule is a bit different this time. So, that means ---> we have traveled to a wrong hospital. Quite disappointing... ...

In the morning
Alright! It's almost 10 am now, and we got to travel for another an hour to another hospital for class. *Sigh...*

We thought that we would be late. Moreover, we just have 4 people out of 10 altogether. So all of us were hoping for an answer "Go home now and come again tomorrow for class," from our teacher. Lazy right? Hahaha......

Surprisingly, we were so wrong. Our teacher was not in yet., Thus, another doctor lead us to a room to wait for her. Well, waiting again? We were quite used to it.

*** ***

An hour passed... I am getting more and more impatient. We were asked to read a topic, but the "traveling" and the "waiting" part really made me too tired to fix my eyes on the book. So??? ---> Go look for the teacher again!

Our teacher was not in yet! What a big joke I thought! Is she going to come anyway? *Sigh...* *Disappointing...* (The doctors there are so busy, they have long queue of patients since early in the morning and the queue has never been lesser than 10 people, so we didn't know which doctor we could attend to ask for our teacher. So??? As usual ---> WAIT!)

\ /

After waiting for hours, we got her at last. She taught non-stop for an hour or two.

Honestly speaking, I was so frustrated waiting for our teacher without knowing when would she come. Though I thought I was wrong to have gone for the class at the beginning, I have no regret at the end. I admitted we wasted quite a lot of time there and we can work on the schedule better to make the learning more effective, but I have gained quite a lot today too. She is a good teacher indeed if she will be punctual. =D

*I guess my group mates are pointing at me and say I always praise all the teachers=P ~Perhaps I'm too too too optimistic??*

*** ***

Class ends... So what's for dinner than??

Homemade instant "Lavash" Pizza

"Lavash" or Tortilla
Cheese, sliced and chopped
Sardine with tomato sauce
onions, chopped
Tomato sauce

Cook the chopped onions with the sardine. Set aside

Put the sliced cheese on the lavash and fold it to 13x20cm (or any size suitable for your oven). Heat it to melt the cheese with a microwave, 2-3 mins (sprikle some water to prevent hardened if using oven toaster for this step)

Spread tomato sauce on the heated lavash and followed by the cooked sardine. Sprinkle chopped cheese on it and toast it with the oven till the cheese melted. Done! Ready to be served =)

Replace any ingredient with your own choice will do! =)

Happy dinning!

~Student's Kitchen~

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