Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Malaysia?!!? My country......

Honestly, I am proud of myself for being a Malaysian-Chinese.

Not because of the government, nor the beauty of the seasides, but because Malaysian-Chinese loves eating everything!!!! I mean EVERYTHING!

Healthy recipe
When you serve an African with Chinese food, such as Chinese herbal soup.

They might not like it at all.

There was once I invited my African friends home and served them with Chinese food, I was quite sad seeing them taking it quite forcefully... =(

However, there is an exception, who named Bankole, He loves eating Malaysian and Chinese food! (Bankole is one of my dearest brothers that helps me along my spiritual growth. We worked together around the clock, we went picnic together, we ate and had fun together! )

Sweet tooth...
What about something sweet?!? Will they like it?

I am not so sure, but there was once I cooked a desert, which most of us, Malaysian-Chinese, loved, was rejected by my Indian friends!

Curry is the best!

When we enjoyed eating curry (which I think most Malaysians do!) Chinese from china find it weird!

We love varieties!
Not only that, we simply love eating western food, such as Italian food and Spanish food; Asian food, such as Japanese sushi and Korean kimchi; Indian food and Parkistan food, those with all kinds of spices; and even african food! (I love eating maze dough - mangka; fermented ones, such as kenkey; and so on.)

I have had dinners with our friends from china; though we speak the same language, have the same mother tongue, but I think our own tongues (I mean taste buds :P) are so much different!

Generally, most of them find Malay food and Indian food, too spicy to be consumed.

Moreover, you will find plenty of "Malay+Chinese" cuisine back in Malaysia, such as Nyonya kuih. (I wonder do they have POPIAH in other countries??!?)

I think there are much much more food we enjoy eating! That's what makes me proud being a Malaysian-Chinese! Mixture of culture brings much satisfaction to the stomach! =D

~Student's Dinner Box~

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