Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello SOYA......

1st May, It's labor day! Well... It's the same in Russia, we have holiday! Hurray!!!

What to do then? Books again?? No way, I will start reading again on Sunday ok?

Hehe.. I have plan earlier... It's soy beans! I have soaked it since 3pm the days before... it's almost 18 hours already... soft enough for ~ soy milk

Soy Beans

Fill half of the blender with so beans and another half with water. Let's blend (3-4 mins) until it's smooth.

Filter it with a muslin's cloth. Repeat the first 2 steps with the rest of the beans. Then, repeat the first 2 steps again with the filtered beans.

Heat the filtered soy milk with microwave till near boiling point. (To prevent it from burning by boiling straight with the stove)

Then, pour everything into a big pot and boil it with low fire. Stir it from time to time to prevent it from burning. Scoop away the froth and let it boil. Soy Milk is ready.. Yummy!

It sounds easy right? The toughest part is to squeeze the milk through the filter. Energy needed! =D

*** ***

What's for dinner then?

Homemade tofu with micro treasure =) HEhe.. Actually I learn this from one of my favorite sites
- Hochiak! - Homemade tofu with mini treasure

Homemade tofu? Yes!
Tofu's Ingredients:
400ml soy milk (unsweetened)
7 eggs white
150 plain milk
1 tsp salt

The Treasure's ingredients:
Crab meat
Black mushrooms
Black fungus
Dried shrimps
Bean sprout

Mix well the ingredient together and steam for 15 mins. (I was taught from the site to make it using evaporated milk, however I didn't have it. So I add another egg white to make it thicker.)

Spread the chopped crab meat on top (the top has started to harden by now) Then, Steam for another 15 mins.

Meanwhile, fry other ingredients together for the topping. Add in suitable seasonings to taste.

What a nice and simple dish! (You can buy unsweetened soy milk to make everything easier=D)

Yummy! =) Happy dinning...

~Student's Kitchen~

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