Thursday, April 30, 2009


A life LOST!

Paracetamol kills
After reading the news about a 7-year-old boy died of an overdosed of paracetamol, I was lost of words. A boy with fever being prescribed with 2 tablets of 500mg paracetamol, 4 times a day. I am sure if we buy Panadol from a pharmacy, the proper dosage for a child will be stated clearly on the box. A 7-year-old boy shouldn't be taking 1600mg per day or 320mg every 4 hours. Imagine how bad it actually affected the boy's liver just the first time he took the medicine according to the prescription. And he actually took 3 dosages. (For more information about it dosages click here.)

Who should be responsible?
The purpose of his grandfather bringing him to the doctor was to help him get rid of his sickness, but who can accept the fact that it has led him to death instead? It's indeed the worst thing ever happened in his family i think.

Having the title of DR., eventually killing a kid with paracetamol, will be forever an unforgettable incident for his life. Being a medical student, I, too, worry if I haven't study good enough, I might easily kill a patient with my own hands. What is the purpose then, studying a medical degree? If you are a soon-to-be doctor, please start at the very beginning by understanding everything thoroughly, well enough to be a proper doctor in future.

No take 2
A death person cannot get alive again, life has no take two. You can be dead and alive again in a(n) play/acting but not real life. Everyone that come to us in future entrusted us for their lives just like the young boy's parents. Who can ever imagine the real cause of death for the kid is not the fever he had earlier or the pain he was undergoing, but the medicine that he has taken? If there are more of these cases, who can ever trust a doctor anymore.

Studying medicine is not a joke at all. If you just want to pass all subjects by playing tricks in exams, you will probably end up putting someone to death in future. I pray that we will not be the murderer, but an aid, a helper.

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Time to get ready, time to go out!
It's a day to have some fun, a day to hang out!
The place I am going, not a new place at all,
But the purpose of going, let me enjoy more! =D

~Student's Dinner Box~

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