Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wondering? Wonderful?


Scientific-less theory #2 - Lost of temper

It simply means - angry. How would you write an article, titled Lost of temper? I got upset because it wasn't the response I have expected. I got upset because the attention is not there. I got upset because I am mistranslated. And by adding all this together, my temper just blew off and killed the people around.

I knew it!
I am at lost, I know. I am not perfect, I know. I am trying and I am sure I will successfully overcome this weakness one day. *Aza Aza Fighting*

Remember? Giving triads...
"Slow to speak, quick to listen, slow to anger"

*** ***

Baked Sambal Chicken
Trying something new? Oil-free? I wanted to make a dish without adding any additional oil on the chicken to lower the calories by taking it.

Steam chicken? Too boring. Grill chicken? Just bought one yesterday and I don't have any additional seasonings or ingredients to add on it. So I decided to make a simple dish - Baked Sambal Chicken

5-6 Chillies (up to personal taste)
6 cloves of garlics
1 medium onion

1. Put the ingredients above into a blender and blend it till fine.
2. Boil the paste. Chilled till room temperature.

1 Chicken tigh
1 potato

1. Cut the potato and put them into a bowl with the chicken. Add on the paste
2. Put in microwave and cook it for 12 mins.
3. Then, cover it with aluminum foil and grill it for another 10 mins. (or Bake straight for 35 mins,covering with aluminum foil )

It's just a simple dish to have with rice. It's pretty easy for me. Hope it will be for you too. =D

*** ***
A Friend of mine
Browsing through the web, reading blogs. I guess, I have found my long-lost friend. I really hope we were like how we used to be. Without all the problems that came across earlier, I guess she will be better. I can't use butterfly effect to change the past and I really hope the current and the future are still good for her.

A second chance
Not only second chance you will get, even third or fifth. I know you can live a better life, a relaxing one! Not by man we are judged... So forget about entertaining people...

Will I get into your path again?

~Love you~


  1. Hey, love this kind of on-the-go food. Am a student myself and thankful for everything I can cook in less than 40 mins.

  2. Glad that you love it. I hope to try out more variety too. =)