Thursday, February 17, 2011

At the end of the race...

Since young, we heard a lot of the story of rabbit vs tortoise, where the tortoise, the slowest moving animal, won over the rabbit due to the tortoise's persistence. On the other hand, we see how the laziness and pride of the rabbit ruin himself. It is a very good story for kids and even adults.

After 5 years and 8 months in Russia, we, the graduating class 2011, are at the very last lap of the race, how will we run it?

I look back at the failures and successes I have been through in the past 5 years, I can only praise God for bringing me through. Indeed, it's not that tough to pass all the exams, going through from year to year, but it's tough when you have to do these millions km away from your family, it's tough to do these during -20C, it's tough to do these because you don't want to see a patient die in your hands because of your incompetent.

How many of us came here with passion and compassion for the sick and dying? And how many of us, now, passing day by day by just watching series, matches, movies or doing events?

I always ask myself, did I run my race well? How am I going to run it from this point?

We always heard negative news about new HOs in Malaysia, how badly they perform and how unenthusiastic they are. There are complains about the MOs treating HOs badly. Who's right? And who's at fault? But... Have you ever ask yourself, "Have I done my part well?", "Did I do it with excellency?"

Tortoise vs rabbit might just be another story for kids, but the moral values in it is essential.

How am I going to run the rest of the race? How am I going to end my medical student's life in Russia?... These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

~ Medical Student

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