Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pre- woman's day

Yesterday, right before I went to bed, I could hear guitar playing and people echoing and singing next door.Those were not the songs that they sung usually, they were different. Those were the songs that they were preparing to sing in front of the girls, for Woman's Day.

Again this morning, I got up from bed hearing the songs sounding again next door, as if they didn't stop practicing throughout the night. Well, they were preparing their best to perform and to show their appreciations to the ladies.

8th of March is a big day for Russians. We have public holiday for this very day, a special day to show appreciations to the ladies.

Damba and Wei Soon, too, recorded a few songs for their beloved female classmates. They spent 2 hours just to make it nice, though the videos are still in separated pieces.

Woman's Day - A day to show your appreciation(s) to the lady (ladies) around you, telling her (them), that she (they) are pretty/very helpful/ just wonderful and so on.

Happy Woman's Day! To all beloved female friends and family members!

~~With Love~~

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