Saturday, February 26, 2011

From carbon to diamond...

Whenever the teachers wanted to sign my credit book, they would be astonished by the the photo in front.
The question is, "Is that you?" With my face blushed, I would always say, "Yes, that's me."

I would not blame them, it's a huge different. If you are to see my secondary school photos, you will not believe those are mine.

I think most of us have the same experience. Came as a innocent pure little girl, return as a confident bright doctor.

Moscow - a place I grew up

Moscow - a place I learned to build relationship, a place I saw true friendships, a place I fell and a place I learned to get up back on my feet. Recalling the excitement to study abroad 6 years ago, saying goodbye to my beloved family, I left home to go after my dream. My dream - to be a doctor; my dream - to help the helpless; my dream - to see people got healed.

There was no fear in me, when some others were crying homesick, I was just too excited to be here, in Moscow. Moscow is not the place I have dreamed of, not the place where you will consider to go to, not the place you will migrate to, not the place you will want to stay for the rest of your life.

Remembering coming out of the airport feeling tired (as I had just vomited in the plane), I was curious, nervous and excited! Just knowing the least of the language ("Da" and "Net" - "Yes" and "No"), we started our 6 and a half year journey.

Things were expensive (and are still expensive now), we just had chickens and cabbages for the first 3 months. It wasn't easy to start to decide to buy or not to; to eat or to fast; to walk or to take cab; to cook or to eat out. I have to spend every single penny wisely, not to waste daddy's hard-earned money.

There were many times we complained, we complained the rise of the hostel fee to doubled, the rise of the tuition fee which was supposed to be as stated in the contract, we fought our way out. Though we failed most of the times, we learned a lot. We learned to deal with those wise cunning businessman, we learn to be good. (You know who I am pointing to.)

Even at the end of the journey, we have to organize our own graduation ceremony, as it's not our school tradition to have one; design our own robe; find our own sewing company; and pay for our own robe.

Life isn't easy; there were ups and downs; there were success and failures; there were regrets; there were many many more.

In these years, I didn't just study to be a doctor, I was a part-time cook, plumber, electrician, brochure designer, robe designer ... and so much more. I was a carbon, but now a diamond.

Life isn't always sweet, it has much fun when you look at it in a bright side. What do you think most of the student will do if we turn all these into self-pity? As I have said before, did you do your part well? If you can't do it here, find somewhere else where you can. You wouldn't want to waste your time struggling with self-pity, waiting for somebody to understand you. When there is someone there, you thank God; what if there isn't anyone?

The life is yours, decide to hide or to fly!


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