Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...

"Most of the time, we can define the fetus's gender at 20 week and very often even at sixteen."
- Joseph Woo (in Obstetrics Ultrasound)

We are who we were born to be, whether male or female. In ancient China, males are precious. Son, is the one who inherit everything: surname, properties and so on. Daughter, is to get married to somebody and help the family to "breed". To assure a surname being carry on for another generation, some families would just keep trying until they got a boy.

When China introduced "one-child policy" in 1978 for population control, many "daughters" were killed, so that the family could have another chance to give birth to the one who could carry their surname to the next generation - this is what we called "sex-selective abortion" or "female infanticide".

In this modern era, we often heard some mothers claiming that daughters are better. But why? Daughters are more concerning, they listen, they cry with you, they care about you. Sometimes, the husband even shift in to stay with the mother-in-law, which is totally different from our tradition.

Ladies are suppose to be feminine, and men are suppose to be masculine. But, is it so?
Masculine - manliness. In all cultures, the basic characters of manliness includes physical prowess and courage. Physical prowess includes strength, fitness and lack of laziness. But, is it so?
A friend of mine always says, "Let the men carry the weights, and ladies carry the babies (being pregnant)."But, is it so?

In today's world, I see men fighting seats with ladies, and ladies carrying stuff for men. Can men change? Will there be more gentlemen?

But, I thank God for gentlemen. In my life, there are quite a number of them. They are really gentle. They respect you, help you and care about you. They will lend a hand when you need, they will give a space for you to sit. Bravo to you guys!
Almost a century ago, in 1918, 23rd February was marked as the Red Army Day; in year 1949, it's renamed as Soviet Army and Navy Day; in year 1991, it's called Defender of the Fatherland Day till current. The holiday celebrates people who are serving or were serving in the Russian Armed Force. Unofficially, this day is often referred as "Men's Day"

Happy Men's Day!!

Let guys be the guys and girls be the girls!!

~~Medical Student

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